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"Big Dreams"


A girl's letter to Santa was switched by a naughty mom who wants her holiday gifts from Payless.

Back-to-School spot depicts a mother's big dreams for her kids' future by getting them ready for school each year.

Mother's Day spot celebrates the joys of motherhood and women's love for shoes from an early age.





The "Moments" campaign introduced Kroger to U.S. Hispanics for the first time. It was based on the insight that for them, food is much more than just eating or cooking—it's a way to feed their soul too. They shop to create the moments that matter the most to them. And it’s in these very everyday moments where Kroger comes through with great prices, fresh products and rewards.The takeaway: There's a recipe for every moment and shopping at Kroger is the main ingredient.

H&R Block

GM - Pontiac

GM - Pontiac


"Phone Call"

"Grease Monkey"

The promise: nobody gets you a bigger tax refund than H&R Block. An origami airplane became a tangible visual representation of what that extra money could mean to taxpayers like going on a vacation.

West Coast Pontiac dealers wanted to reach out to Hispanic consumers who were crazy about cars, in a funny and unexpected way. In one spot, a customer has made the dealership his office and convincingly answers calls; in another, a female customer comes from under the hood to help the salesman with his sales pitch by talking car jargon like a pro. The campaign line was: Crazy about cars? So are we!

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